Beaufort County comprises the Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and Beaufort, South Carolina Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is one of the fastest-growing counties in South Carolina, thanks to the development of the southern part of the Broad River along the US Highway 278 corridor. The northern parts of the county have also seen steady expansion, thanks to the significant federal military presence in the Beaufort area. Furthermore, the Broad River Bridge connects the two counties, carrying South Carolina Highway 170.

Seniors and those looking to build a home for their families continue to travel to Beaufort County, one of the top retirement destinations. According to the latest census, the county has 13,729 people. Beaufort, which is part of Beaufort County, takes pride in being South Carolina’s second-oldest city. This place is well-known for its stunning surroundings and historic downtown district. In addition, the city’s extensive network of pedestrian routes, local beaches, and waterfront parks provides residents with convenient access to nature.

The Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands, Beaufort, South Carolina, is the ideal place to getaway. The laid-back region, which has about 13,000 people, is roughly a four-hour journey from the Queen City and offers a popular tranquil beach backdrop with both visitors and locals. It’s a little slice of Southern heaven.

The antebellum homes in Beaufort are also well-known. In the nineteenth century, antebellum architecture was notable. These mansions display the wealth of plantation owners in the southern United States in the past. These houses are currently a tourist attraction in Beaufort. The John Mark Verdier House Museum is one such example. Even though Beaufort’s average home value is slightly more significant than the national average, more than half of the population owns a property. The city’s long history contributes to its high monetary value.

In addition to the gorgeous residences, residents appreciate Hunting Island State Park and the lighthouse overlooking a beach where loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs. Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, Bay Street, and various other attractions are also worth visiting.

Fantastic Towns To Visit In Beaufort County, SCĀ 

Hilton Head Island

The lovely beaches and world-class golf courses of Hilton Head Island are well-known. Due to its 12-mile Atlantic Ocean shoreline, the island attracts millions of tourists. All Hilton Head Island beaches are open to the public from the ocean to the high tide watermark, though beach access is private in some areas. Despite this, the town provides access to several beaches, including Burkes Beach and Coligny Beach Park. Public bathrooms, picnic spots, shelters, and other amenities are available at all beaches.

Hilton Head Island is the place to be if you enjoy golf and want to have the best golfing experience imaginable. Aside from stunning beaches, the island has some of the top golf courses in the world. In addition, adults, children, and professional golfers can enjoy various events and programs at the island’s private and public golf facilities. On Hilton Head Island, there are several activities and fun things to do.

ZipLine Hilton Head

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Hilton Head from 75 feet. You can zip through the atmosphere among the massive live oaks and old pines on the ZipLine Hilton Head. You will be treated to a never-before-seen perspective of the sea, marshes, and boats. Swinging from swaying bridges and an aerial stairway while dangling on eight zip wires 75 feet in the air is part of this two-hour canopy tour. You’ll be flying through the canopy of the beautiful trees from one level to the next. Participants can even race to the finish line against one another. ZipLine offers skilled and experienced professionals who will ensure your safety and give you a short ground school before strapping.

Folly Field Beach Park

Folly Field Beach Park, often known as “Local’s Beach,” is a cherished length of natural beachfront that is rarely crowded and frequented by Hilton Head residents. Beautiful live oaks and squat palmettos surround the beach, accessible through a residential subdivision. While many visitors to Folly Field Park prefer to stay in one of the nearby beach houses, the park is open to day visitors who can take advantage of the ample parking, outdoor showers, bathrooms, and beach rentals such as umbrellas and chairs. The beach is excellent for families with small children because the ocean water is relatively shallow and has a flat bottom. What is the most enjoyable aspect? You are welcome to bring your dog to the beach because it is dog-friendly.



You can find some of the most notable historical sights in Bluffton. Around Harbour Town, you may find magnificent home furnishings, rare antiques, and handcrafted jewelry. The town’s six parks enhance the neighborhood’s livability and historical value. The seaside village is a lovely place to spend time with family and friends. If you want to have a great time in town, go to the May River and the Garvin-Garvey House. If you’re searching for some good old-fashioned Southern food, the Bluffton BBQ is a terrific place to go. The finger-licking, slow-cooked meats and barbecue sauce will whisk you away. For a night out, the Bluffton Room remains the most popular option. Diners are enthralled by the city’s ambiance and the famous Southern dishes.

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