Insurance Audit Checklist Bluffton SC

Insurance audit checklist bluffton SC

The Best Insurance Audit Checklist for Bluffton, SC Homeowners

Insurance audits are a routine part of commercial insurance policies like general liability, garage liability, and worker’s compensation. The anticipated exposures for that year determine the premium for these kinds of insurance. Payroll for employees, gross sales, and subcontractor costs are all factors. The insurance provider will contact the business owner to finish an audit after the policy’s term is up. First, it establishes the precise sum of your company’s exposures for the year. Then, the premium is modified by the actual data for the year mentioned in the audit. Insurance audit checklist  in Bluffton SC

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The Best Insurance Audit Checklist for Bluffton, SC Homeowners

Here are the critical things about conducting an insurance audit for your Bluffton, SC, home.

What is an Insurance Audit?

An insurance audit is an unbiased review of accounting records that offers a qualified opinion regarding their accuracy.

Every insurer’s financial statements are subject to an annual audit by the auditor.

Every insurer, about their insurance business and the finances of its shareholders, should prepare:

A Balance Sheet
A Profit & Loss Account
Separate Account of Receipts
Payments and a Revenue Account

What are the Types of Insurance Where Insurance Audits Apply?

The insurance audit service covers all types of insurance contracts, whether for people or businesses. The following are a few insurance types for which an insurance audit is appropriate:


  1. Property insurance covers homes, buildings, stocks, and reserves
  2. Liability insurance, such as product liability, environmental liability, professional indemnity, and employer’s liability
  3. Both business interruption and employee theft insurance are available.
  4. Insurance policies cover property and money theft.
  5. Insurance for transportation via land, water, or both
  6. Life insurance products such as term and permanent insurance, etc.
  7. Whether it is individual or corporate health insurance
  8. Life, accident, and health insurance are all included in the employee benefit plan.
  9. Individual or group pension insurance is covered by pension insurance.
  10. Vehicle insurance covers both individual vehicles and fleets of vehicles.

Is It Necessary To Audit An Insurance Policy?

Insurance audit checklist bluffton SC

Most liability insurance contracts have consistently undergone audits. But unfortunately, only some firms examine all liability plans for various reasons.

Once the term of the insurance has passed, an audit of your general liability policies as well as the employment agreements of your employees, is required. You should prepare for your company’s audits if you review the policy documents because various conditions involve Payroll or Premium Audit, so you should. By accepting the policy, you give your carrier permission to check its records to confirm the premium charges you made. 

Typically, audit periods last for one year; however, your carrier may decide to change this. You can perform an audit whenever you want while your policy’s term is still in effect.

What is the Purpose of an Insurance Audit?

Insurance audit checklist bluffton SC

An insurance audit ensures you pay the correct premium and have the appropriate coverage. For example, let’s take the scenario where you employ ten more workers yearly. The insurance plan needs to cover this personnel. In contrast, the policy would need to be updated if your gross sales dropped or you let staff go.

Frequently Asked Questions 


What do Insurance Auditors Look for?

The policy and liability procedures, tax records, risk assessments, and other financial records of insurance are all subject to examination by insurance auditors during insurance audits. It ensures that insurance businesses adhere to regulatory regulations and that reasonable insurance rates and premiums are applied.

 How is an Insurance Audit Done?

An audit is done at the end of the policy period to identify the actual insurance exposure during the policy term. Then, the appropriate classifications and rates that apply to the business and the work during the policy term, along with the actual premium basis—not the predicted premium basis—are used to calculate the ultimate premium.

 Is Insurance Audit Compulsory?

All insurers must prepare their financial statements annually in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and have them audited in compliance with International Standards on Auditing, according to the Authority (ISA).

 What is the Importance of an Insurance Audit in a Company?

They examine and assess whether or not the insurance prices and premium faculties are covered. Additionally, it guarantees that all insurance providers abide by the law. Finally, the insurance audit considers all prior claims against the provider.

Insurance audit checklist Bluffton SC

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